Day: January 11, 2024

Data Hong Kong

Data hk is an initiative to provide a single point of contact for data access requests. The website enables individuals to submit their request online in English or Chinese and receive feedback on the status of their request. It also provides a list of useful resources including the relevant laws and policies.

The website has already generated over 1,600 access requests. In addition to providing a one-stop service, the project will provide a number of training workshops on how to handle data access requests. The workshops will cover a range of topics including how to identify personal data and what is covered by the law. They will also explain how to respond to a data access request.

A key difference between data hk and other similar websites is that it does not act as an agent for data subjects. Instead, it encourages users to use the official access request form. It is hoped that this will help increase the number of requests that are made using this method.

Data hk was established by the Hong Kong Information Technology Services Association (ITSA). Its mission is to promote best practices for data security, privacy and data protection in the region. Its members include leading information technology companies and professional bodies. Members must abide by the ITSPA’s Code of Conduct, which includes not disclosing personal information to any third party without consent.

Its website offers a wide range of courses and webinars covering topics such as data protection compliance, data management and the GDPR. It is an excellent resource for those looking to learn more about data protection in Hong Kong. Its website is available in both English and Mandarin, and is free to access for all.

Hong Kong has long been an international hub for the digital economy, and its growing role as a gateway to mainland China is expected to drive further demand for data centre space. However, restrictions on data transfer from mainland China mean that Hong Kong is not yet able to capitalize on this opportunity. To facilitate the future development of the GBA, Hong Kong needs to increase its capacity for data exchange, and this requires a robust supply of data centres.

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