Two Spectacular Sydney Beaches – The Dy Pools and Murray Rose Pool

Gambling Jun 25, 2024

With their sandbars and rocky tidal pools, sdy pools are iconic Sydney beaches. But this year they’re also the centre of an ongoing political battle. Sydney lord mayor Clover Moore has set out to turn the famous pool into a public swimming spot.

She’s not alone in her vision, which she claims will boost the area’s tourism and provide an opportunity for local swimmers to swim without the danger of shark attacks or strong waves. But the project is already beset by infighting between councillors and accusations of pork-barrelling, heritage concerns and health criticisms. And with a budget blown out to more than $100m and an opening date still a long way off, it’s not looking good for the pool.

The sdy pools are set into the rock shelf that sits just beneath the beach and, at low tide, the entire area is underwater. Tourists are warned to only visit at low tide or risk a large swell ruining their day trip. And there’s no mobile phone reception or toilets down by the sdy pools, so swimmers must be prepared.

But if you’re willing to brave the conditions, you can find some spectacular spots and swim in the ocean. The sdy pools are a great place to see sandbars and rocky reefs, and they offer shelter from strong waves. In the 19th century, recreational and competitive swimmers were drawn to the sdy pools because they were safe from large swell and surf. The pools were designed as a safe haven for swimmers and were run by local community associations.

In recent years the sdy pools have been a focus of controversy as developers have sought to turn them into tourist attractions. But a new report has found that most are not suitable for commercial development and should be preserved as they are. The sdy pools are an important part of Sydney’s coastal landscape, and they should be protected for the benefit of all, the report says.

Located just north of Double Bay, Murray Rose Pool is another harbourside tidal pool. The secluded tidal pool is cut into the inter-tidal rock platform and is nestled among exposed rock outcrops, making for spectacular views and a sense of seclusion. Steep steps lead down to the pool from a car park on Marine Parade.

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